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S1 / STROKER Short v2

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Banana Prosthetics

S1 / STROKER Short v2


The Stroker is a flaccid, soft and realistic penis shape masturbator, made from premium silicone and designed to be durable, malleable and comfortable for transgender FTM, FTX and non-binary people under testosterone. The details and soft texture with internal relief will satisfy you.

Growth is necessary for optimal use.

We recommend the use of a lubricant, specifically water-based.

Please consider that this product is not recommended to be worn for a long period of time continuously.

How the product works varies from person to person depending on your growth.

Please note that slight variations may be present as each of our prosthetics is handmade.

Please consult the F.A.Q for information related to the maintenance of the prosthesis.

Rod length: 3.5" / 8.5 cm

Circumference: 3" / 7.5 cm

Cavity Diameter: 0.70" / 18mm

(On request we also have an XL opening size of 24 mm)

Feature: Circumcised

Weight: 55g

To learn more about using a stroker, go here!

*Our products are manufactured and shipped within 1-10 days*

*Sales are final, no exchanges, cancellations or refunds*

*Taxes and customs fees may apply for international shipments*



Innovative products adapted to meet the needs of trans people and other genders.


We are a small company that makes each prosthesis by hand.


Our products are designed with the highest quality of certified silicone.

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Jonah H.
United States United States


I have significant bottom growth and this thing will not stay on. Bummer ended up just being a waste of money.

Canada Canada

Good, more colours

good quality does the job, good suction. I got t2 looks more beige, came in the mail today is very pink against my tone. I’m half Asian, I do wish there was a more olive / yellow tone rather than a pink , dark pink light brown and dark brown. Would help my dysphoria. Still a good product. I’ve tried the rod by transthetics which was 300$ and this though less realistic feels better quality. I broke the rod within 6 months and it’s unusable. Thanks !

Shaun R.
United States United States

Well well

It slip a bit at the end but I expected it base off Chase Ross review tho I didn't want it to happen it did but still works very well like nothing happened!!! I also have the longer one and the hard pack one. Enjoy all three.!!!

France France


the strocker is very great. It's a bit difficult to understand how to use it... don't give up if it's not good when you use it during the first times. it takes time and some tests to know how to put it and how to do the thing ! ;-) It's not difficult to roll the strocker, but a little more to put it correctly... the texture is very nice, the look also. One bad point, the ribs inside (not the outside) seem very breakable. It won't have a long life, i guess... but it still a good *** toy ! i enjoy to use it ! one thing that bothered me a little more : the package was a simple white shell ( with a bubble protection). Even if we can't see the strocker, we can feel it... So, i think, it could be more discrete. I hope it's the case for the hard packer, for example ! i finish with a very good point : only eight days for the deliver in France ! !! +++ So, even if I find some issues, i don't regret my purchase and i will buy others products for the high quality of the silicon ( texture, color, details...) and the serious work, in general, of banana prosthetics. Je complète mon commentaire par un petit passage en français où je m'exprime plus facilement. Je ne connaissais pas bien le monde des packers, strockers, etc... (je prends de la testostérone seulement depuis un an). C'est une très chouette découverte, malgré mes a priori à la base ( j'ai vraiment du mal à intégrer quelque chose d'extérieur à mon corps ; un premier essai avec un packer bas de gamme bien connu n'avait pas été concluante du tout). Vraiment, ici, avec ce strocker, c'est au delà du ***-toy. Comme un autre commentaire le soulignait, ça change énormément ma vision, approche, de l'activité sexuelle, en beaucoup mieux... donc merci beaucoup à l'équipe ! je vous souhaite une très longue vie.

Elia L.
Italy Italy

Very nice

The stroker is amazing and comfortable, came in the mail very fast too. Nothing to say, this product is perfect!

United States United States

Loved it

This stroker was fantastic. Great interior ribs and texture. Unfortunately it started tearing after only a couple uses.

France France

Fantasies do come true

I absolutely adore this item!

France France

Bien mais…

Je mets seulement 4/5 car malheureusement les frais de port sont aussi cher que le produit en lui même… et à la lumière on pouvait deviner ce qu’il se trouvait dans l’enveloppe également. Autrement le produit est de très bonne qualité, on voit bien que c’est fait main. Merci.

United States United States

Great toy, reasonably prices, high quality!

I have a similar toy from a different company that costs 3 times as much but I honestly prefer this one! The softer material feels smoother but the suction is just as good! It's also easier to roll on. The hole is a little small for me because I have a decent amount of girth but with lots of lube the toy feels great!

Cameron S.
United States United States

Not bad at all

I love it. After a few months it split on the corner of the end. It suctions to the body well. Not bad for the price. I plan on buy another one .

Canada Canada

Worth every penny.

This product has radically transformed my *** life. As a single ftm, this has helped my dysphoria by making ‘pleasure time’ a great experience rather than one which is just okay and feels dysphoric. I realized when I started using this that I never actually “arrived” before. And if I did it was very rare. Now I arrive every single time. Even when I stop being single, this will definitely be a consistent part of ‘pleasure time’, with or without a partner. It’s just too good.

Canada Canada


Great experience with moderate growth. To my surprise I was even able to ********* my girlfriend with it. Even though it is probably not intended for this purpose and technically too short, it was possible without much effort, when we experimented a little. A small tear appeared in the material after my first use but it did not get bigger since then.

United States United States


Jerking off is awesome.

Belgium Belgium

Great product!

This is a great product! It works really well for me, it has great suction, even when your anatomy isn't very big. I would really recommend it to other people looking for this type of product. Also, quick shipment and very friendly service at Banana Prosthetics!

United States United States

Would Recommend!

Banana Prosthetic's Strokers are a huge step forwards in FtM technology. The suction is amazing, lots of gender euphoria from the realistic shape and texture. I was impressed by the high quality silicone of this toy, it is a great value for the price. However, the entrance is too small to be comfortable for me. I've been on T for six years and have considerable growth. For folks whose anatomy is less pronounced, I bet this will be an incredible toy! I look forward to when Banana Prosthetics (hopefully) releases a version of their strokers designed to accommodate more growth.

United States United States


I really enjoy it. However, it only lasted Two uses before it ripped on the side. (Still usable, however, of that issue could be solved) I would recommend this to other people.

Canada Canada

Pretty cool- Assez bien

Unfortunately after a while the prosthetic will deteriorate, and it is a little tough to put on. But once it's on I don't want to take it off (although please don't wear it long, it will cause injury). Overall cool product, haven't found anything similar anywhere else yet.

Canada Canada

Good product

The product works well for me, tho i think it would be great to have a pamflet or something to explain how to use it properly. Its easy to clean, works fine realy and i think most of my problem is simply because im inexperienced with stokers. Giving 5 star because like i said, i think the root of my problems is because of my inexperience, not the product it self.

Canada Canada

Stroker review

I have given 3 stars as a review to the stroker. Here is what I like about it. The silicone is very soft and pliable, easy to wash and care for. Here are the downsides to it. It took a few times before I figured out how to use this exactly. It is very tight. Having to roll it inside out to then roll it onto my growth has caused one tiny crack in the silicone to appear. It can still be used so far, but the thickness of the silicone makes the rolling hard to do. Perhaps you could include some user instructions as to how to put it on, where and how to apply lube (it doesn't work if lube is put first in the device). It wasn't exactly automatic to figure this out as this is the very first stroker that I have tried. Other than that, once it is on and stays on, it is an interesting sensation.

Canada Canada

Great product

The stroker is exactly as described and overall works well, it is a little hard to put on even if you have significant growth, but it does the job well.