Unlike plastic, high-quality silicone is inert. This means that it emits no toxic. If a silicone object ends up in nature, it will eventually break down into tiny pieces that are harmless for our environment. Therefore, silicone is an inert material with low environmental impact.

Silicone is a very durable material. The life expectancy of the products can vary depending on the usage of the user, daily or not, and the quality of their cleaning and maintenance. Regular friction against clothing will, in the long term, damage the silicone and the paint. You will eventually encounter this problem with this sort of product; even though the silicone that we use is of good quality, a phallic prosthesis has a limited life expectancy. If a small hole or tear occurs, STOP USING THE PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY! Do not keep using a product with holes or tears in it. A continued use could cause even more damages. Many of the damages can be repaired if they are detected and corrected early on. Contact us immediately and report the damage with clear pictures and a detailed description. We will generally answer within 48 hours and will explain to you how to proceed.

Our Hard / Play prostheses have the ability to be used for penetration. Our prostheses are made of high quality 100% platinum silicone. This medical grade silicone is non-toxic and harmless to the skin, but was not designed for sexual penetration. If our clients choose to use this product for penetration, the use of a condom is necessary for the safety of your partner and for yourself. It will also help reduce any risk associated with sexually transmitted infections, as well as keep your prosthesis clean and in good condition.

Only use condoms that contain a water-based lubricant, the silicone-based lubricant will damage the prosthesis. Intense physical activities and penetrating games are not recommended. This could damage the surface of the prosthesis. Please use the prosthesis properly. We are not responsible for the functionality of our prostheses during sexual intercourse. If you use condoms and lubricant with our prostheses, make sure they are exclusively water-based.

Due to the addition of an additive in the texture of the product, the soft packers are pending approval for a "skin safe" rating.

It is recommended, if possible, to rinse with running water directly after use and to wash at least once a day with soap (ideally ph neutral) as part of regular use. Allow to air dry. You don't need to powder your prosthesis, but if you want, you can apply a light dusting of cornstarch to it. Protect the prosthesis from direct sunlight and store it in a cool, dark place, avoiding direct contact with other silicone-based products. We do not recommend wearing a prosthesis for a long period of time, as your skin must be able to breathe

Since your prosthesis is handcrafted and not machine-made, little variations on the product like small differences regarding the appearance, color, or details can appear. Furthermore, the cuts are approximate. You might notice the presence of very tiny air bubbles: they are perfectly normal, particularly for handmade products. These minor defects will not affect the functioning of the prosthesis. All our products are subjected to a quality control and a thorough checking of their potential defects before they are shipped.

Many people use our prostheses. Some consider them a part of their body and clean them many times a day, and some use them to urinate and play with, which can damage the prosthesis if the bodily fluids are not cleaned properly and regularly, or only after a physical activity. We would like to offer a warranty, but we cannot assume that all our users will give the appropriate and recommended care to their prosthesis, even if they pretend to do so.

There it is, you have the package in your hands and you can barely resist the urge to shred the wrapper with your teeth (not very sanitary anyway!) After some time for thought (and possibly testosterone), you finally got yourself a suitable stroker for trans people assigned female at birth. And here we go!... but how does it work?

What is a stroker?

It is a soft and elastic silicone masturbator in the shape of a penis or not phallic. The center of the prosthesis is hollow with an opening at the base and reliefs on the interior walls. The length and aesthetics may vary from one stroker to another, but the majority are used the same way thanks to two magic concepts: suction and friction!

It is important to note that you need to have a minimum of genital growth to be able to fully use a stroker. After some time on hormone therapy with testosterone, the tissues of what was the clitoris grow to grow in length and/or expand to form what looks like a mini penis. The name is very personal to everyone: dicklit, peen, dick, growth, etc. I personally use “peen” and this is the term I will use in my explanations. This genital growth is full of very sensitive nerves which can be very pleasurable and lead to orgasm when stimulated and this is where the stroker comes in!

How does it work?

The concept is simple: we insert the peen inside the stroker and, with the movement and the suction, we give ourselves pleasant sensations! In reality, it may be a bit more complex than that, but lucky you! This text will explain the best tricks to have the best moments! You will need water-based lubricant to avoid discomfort (it is very important not to take silicone-based lubricant since the prosthesis itself is made of silicone. There would be a chemical reaction which will damage your precious stroker!), an environment conducive to time for yourself and your stroker.

With your finger, spread a light layer of water-based lubricant at the entrance and inside the prosthesis. Thereafter, gently roll the stroker from the inside out, like when you turn the edge of a sock, to put the tip of your peen at the base and then roll the prosthesis over your growth. You are now inside! Congratulation! The sensation of penetrating your own peen can bring on a lot of gender euphoria and brand new feelings; you can take your time to live in the moment. When you're ready, squeeze the end of the stroker to force the air out and create a suction effect that will pull you deeper inside.

From the moment the prosthesis is properly installed on you, it's time to experiment! Each body being different, they are stimulated in their own way. Some people prefer friction and move back and forth, slow or fast. Others will squeeze the tip of the prosthesis at a certain rate for a sucking sensation. You can try lying down, standing, kneeling, in the shower, in the bath, alone or with a partner, in duo with other stimulations, etc. The techniques are diverse and almost infinite to do good physically, but also psychologically by reducing gender dysphoria. It's up to you to explore and maybe a certain stroker will work for you more than another.

Of course, we have to talk about safety!

Since there is a suction effect, a stroker is not made to be put on the body for hours at a time. It is necessary to check the color of the peen during the game; the latter should not turn purple or blue, this would mean a lack of oxygen in the tissues. In the long term, you could create irreversible damage to blood vessels, nerves and flesh. A lack of lubricant with a lot of friction to end with a blister (water blister) on the peen or abrasions. Using a stroker should never be painful. If the experience starts to get uncomfortable, stop your session for now and let your peen rest. With a good application, a stroker is not dangerous for the body and ends in very pleasant moments.

That's it! You now know how to handle your stroker! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the company, which will direct you to the right resources. With that, I'll let you have fun! Remember to clean your prosthesis with a toy cleaner or mild soap after each use!

Text written by @trans_big_brother (check out his content on Instagram, you won't be disappointed!) [translated from french.]


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