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Banana Prosthetics strives to provide accurate information about the products it sells. However, the company cannot guarantee that product descriptions or any other content on the site is accurate, complete, current, and error-free. Please note that the colors of the products you see will depend on your monitor, Banana Prosthetics cannot guarantee that the color display on your screen will be optimal.

Since your prosthesis is made by hand and not by machine, slight variations in product design, or slight differences in appearance, color or detail may appear. In addition, the cuts are approximate. You may see very small air bubbles present. They are quite normal, especially for handcrafted products; these minor defects will not affect the function of the prosthesis in any way. All of our items are quality checked and thoroughly checked for potential defects before dispatch.

Different people use our prostheses. Some treat them as a part of the body and wash it several times a day. Some people use it for urinating and playing, which can damage the prosthesis if body fluids are not washed out carefully and regularly, or only after physical activity.

We would like to offer a guarantee, but we cannot assume that all users will treat their prosthesis with the proper and recommended care, even if they claim to do so.

We reserve the right to discontinue production of any product at any time.


Prices displayed and orders processed are in Canadian dollars. Product prices on bananaprosthetics.com do not include Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), local retail sales tax, or delivery charges. HST and local retail tax depend on location of delivery and will be calculated upon order finalization.

Banana Prosthetics reserves the right to correct any pricing or product information errors, and to change product prices at any time without notice. In the event of a pricing error, your order will be canceled with all applicable charges and we will contact you to request that you place another order for the product at the appropriate price.


Before making a request to purchase products through the site, you must confirm your order which specifies, among other things, the product (s) ordered, the purchase price as well as the shipping costs and applicable taxes.

By submitting your request, the order will constitute an offer by you to Banana Prosthetics to purchase the products described in the order confirmation, at the price indicated. The company is not bound by purchase requests until it authorizes them. Our acceptance of your request is approved by a return email from Banana Prosthetics indicating that your order has been accepted and represents a contract with the company.

If for some reason we are unable to fulfill your order, we will notify you as soon as possible. If a payment related to your order has already been cashed, we will refund the amount in question using the same payment method you used. You will be asked for your consent if another payment method was used, in any case there will be no charge.

Banana Prosthetics reserves the right to refuse an order for any reason, as well as in the following situations:

Resale of merchandise

To protect the intellectual property rights of Banana Prosthetics, any suspected resale of our merchandise for personal or commercial purposes is prohibited. No resale-like order will be accepted.

History of fraudulent orders

Banana Prosthetics has the option of refusing any order if fraudulent activity is suspected and may refuse to process subsequent requests from customers with a history of fraudulent orders. We could also refuse any order related to a dispute over the credit card used.


You hereby permit the exchange of information and documents between you and Banana Prosthetics via the internet, or by e-mail, and you agree that the terms and any order confirmation accepted by the company in electronic format constitutes an original agreement in writing on medium. paper between you and Banana Prosthetics.


Payments are handled by "Shopify Payments". To see if your country can use Shopify Payments, be sure to check the list here.

The results of the checks may justify an order cancellation.


Product prices on bananaprosthetics.com do not include Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), local retail sales tax, or delivery charges. HST and local retail sales tax depend on the location of delivery and will be calculated upon checkout.

Orders sent to the United States are exempt from payment of Canadian federal taxes, any applicable provincial sales taxes, and other Canadian taxes and duties associated with an order for products. However, US customers are subject to all sales taxes, usage taxes, and other taxes and duties imposed by any state or jurisdiction associated with their order.

All of our products are shipped in plain boxes. Our shipping label is described only as "prosthetic silicone" and our company name and address. We place great importance on the discretion and privacy of our customers and do our best to keep packaging discreet.

Currently, all of our products are shipped within 10 business days of purchase. We are a small business and make all of our silicone products by hand. When we receive a large quantity of orders spontaneously, we need time to make and prepare the products. The deadlines can therefore vary without notice.

After your order has been shipped, we will send you a tracking number that you can use to track your package. We ship by Canada Post. Delivery times depend on your region or country.


All products purchased from bananaprosthetics.com are delivered by an external delivery company. Therefore the risk of loss and the rights of products purchased on the website are returned to you at the time of delivery of the products to the carrier. In order for your shipment to be considered eligible for loss or damage compensation, you must have selected a tracked delivery option.

It is your responsibility to submit a claim to Banana Prosthetics for any shipment damaged or suspected of being lost. Banana Prosthetics will submit a claim to the carriers for compensation.


It is possible to exchange or cancel your order within 24 hours as long as the sending process has not started.


All sales are final and therefore cannot be canceled or exchanged for hygienic reasons, this being considered a violation of the health code. Only returns due to an exceptional production error will be considered. If a defect is found, proof of purchase and photos taken within 72 hours of receipt of the product must be provided.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse replacement of a prosthesis if we believe that the disclosed defects are the result of improper use of the product. You are responsible for the goods until you receive them. Be sure to keep your tracking number.


For the refund, the company will use the same method of payment and the same credit / debit card as that used for taking the order.


The company cannot be held responsible for any claim for injury or accidental damage.

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