Person unzipping pants to expose underwear
Black packing underwear boxer from CocoNuts'
Couple that is hugging eachothers in bed - Hard Packer
Person that is urinating using Stand to Pee
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QUINN – Hamilton, Canada

The gender euphoria I’m feeling from this… it’s incredible for me. I’ve been wearing the SP6 non-stop for the last 6 just feels like a part of me. The quality I got for the price just blows my mind. Thank you thank you thank you!!

OLIVER - Philadelphia, USA

You guys have made such a huge impact in my sexual intercourse with my partner. The sensation on the hard packer has made it so much pleasurable for the both of us.

NOAH - Manchester, U.K

I have purchased the packing coconuts underwear and I needed to let you know how delighted I am with it. It’s fabulously comfortable and soft but yet I feel the level of support I need. I’ve already ordered a 3 pack!! brilliant ++