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Penile prosthetics

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Mark S. (USA)

IToday I am smiling like a big kid but I also just want to cry. I never could have conceived of just how big a difference it could make. I am having SO many feelings. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and my jocks

Tobias H. (Germany)

II just picked it up and I'm really pleasantly surprised! Gosh! The price for the quality is really great. the pee is super easy and there is no boner when packing. it can even be glued with adhesive glue - which is really great! So I am very enthusiastic and will definitely pass this on to my community!

Josh R. (United Kingdom)

I bought your STP packer. Its shape is perfect for holding in place, and the fit of it is amazing for relieving dysphoria. I can’t thank you enough for creating this. The silicone is incredibly sturdy, and not sticky at all.