BANANA PROSTHETICS, Improving people's lives, one prosthesis at a time..

Because every success begins with the will to try;
In 2010 at the age of 13 I made one of the biggest decisions of my life, to begin a transition to the male gender in order to unite my body and my mind. I was young and yet already well aware that this decision would be full of pitfalls, but for me it was the only possible solution.

Originally, the Banana project was born out of a personal need, time passed, my transition progressed, but the discomfort persisted, I really needed a prosthesis to feel good about myself, but at this period of my life, it was very difficult for me to have access to affordable, specialized and safe gender affirmation products.

Turn a difficulty into a strength.
Being determined to get a quality realistic prosthesis, I spent several years persevering, perfecting myself to develop my own techniques to design quality and innovative gender affirmation materials.

Knowing how much my products provide self-confidence and can improve the quality of life. It was important for me to use my knowledge to help others. It was then that Banana prosthetics was born on February 14, 2020 with the launch of the official website.

Because it's better to laugh than to cry!
Considering all the difficulties that trans and non-binary people have to face, I thought I had to put a little humor in the brand, so I came up with the idea of naming my company Banana prosthetics, this is followed by the addition of Coconuts underwear in 2021 and Melon squeeze Binder in 2022.

The strength of a team.
Having worked alone day and night to bring this project to life, I had no idea that Banana would be so successful, this success I now owe to my team, these wonderful, talented and caring people who joined me to grow Banana prosthetics and allow thousands of people to be themselves.

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Already present in more than 60 countries.
Our goal is that everyone who needs gender affirmation material can get it quickly and easily, which is why Banana prosthetics, a Canadian company, sees no borders, we ship our products almost anywhere in the world.

The future is full of surprises.
Being a passionate team, we have lots of projects in mind, innovative ideas in development and always attentive to the needs of the community. I therefore invite you to stay on the lookout for the evolution of our projects because the future of Banana looks amazing.

We would like to thank all the people who have chosen us for their needs in gender affirmation material and above all continue to proudly affirm who you are.


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