Banana Prosthetics

HP 8 / HARD PACKER 5.5 inches

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Banana Prosthetics

HP 8 / HARD PACKER 5.5 inches


HP 8 is a rigid and realistic penile prosthesis, made from premium silicone and is designed to be durable, flexible and comfortable. This quality alternative is ideal for natural and realistic intercourse. In addition, it has been designed specifically for FTM, FTX and non-binary transgender people.

The details and the soft texture of this prosthesis will satisfy you and allow you to feel more confident.

Rod length: 5.5" / 14cm

Circumference: 5" / 13 cm

Weight: 455g

Wearing a suitable O-ring type harness or boxer shorts is necessary to keep the prosthesis in place and provide you with optimal comfort. We strongly suggest you check out our category boxers/harness to get one that fits your size.

Don't forget to choose your sensation option!

This option maximizes the fun! Our interchangeable sensations with internal relief act by creating suction and allow you to feel the effects of penetrating inside a cavity with your growth simply with back and forth movements. Pleasure guaranteed!

They are designed to fit our hard packer prostheses. A variety of 3 distinct formats are available. You can order them directly with the prosthesis or buy them separately.
If you don't take the sensation option, we will include a removable plug so that the back of your prosthesis is flat.

Please take into consideration that this is an option primarily recommended for trans men on hormone therapy who have had a growth in the genital area. However, even without growth, the friction effect of the sensation option will satisfy you.

Dimension des plugs sensation
Penetrable length = 4 cm
Diameter = 2 cm (stretchy)

If needed, use with WATER-BASED lubricant only.

Please note that slight variations may be present since each of our prostheses are handmade.

Please kindly consult the F.A.Q to know the information related to the maintenance of the prosthesis.

*Our products are manufactured and shipped within 1-10 days*

*Sales are final, no exchanges, cancellations or refunds*

*Taxes and customs fees may apply for international shipments*


Innovative products adapted to meet the needs of trans people and other genders.


We are a small company that makes each prosthesis by hand.


Our products are designed with the highest quality of certified silicone.

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Charles SVG verified by SHOP

My first banana prosthetic purchase. Very very high quality. Far exceeds my expectations. Willlllll be shopping again. I can’t recommend this company enough.

United States United States

HP 8

Overall experience is 98% satisfied. It has enough bend to be more pleasurable for partner than any other packer i've had which have been too stiff. HP 8 packs beautifully in tight underwear. Painted ***** makes it look so realistic and the sensation pocket is Wonderful and really makes you feel connected. Only drawback is that the balls are not soft/do not have any give, they are very firm.

United States United States


This product is amazing! A bit heavy, but works great!

Netherlands Netherlands

Great quality, amazing sensation

Very satisfied with this product. Great quality for this price. I used peecock for years and was also happy with that, but because of daily use as a packer also ( 4 in 1), it became unsuitable for intercourse after a quite short period. Due to micro fissures and wearing off. So I let go of my dream that I can use the same prosthetic for pack/***/play for an extended amount of time. So I invested in a comfortable stp packer and a prosthetic for intercourse that gives me good sensation during *** and feels good for my partner (real-like). The only thing I am missing is a good harness for intercourse, I do not really prefer a boxer with a hole in it, more like a strap harness type. So I used one from another brand. Would recommend this product!!

Paolo G.
Italy Italy


The delivery was super fast. I bought this from the UK so it was international shipping, but it arrived after only 10 days. I am pre-T and bought this with the A sensation, and it was a great and pleasurable experience for both me and my partner. Definitely recommend it to anyone. Skin color also matches with me.