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STP 3 / STAND TO PEE 2.5 po

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Banana Prosthetics

STP 3 / STAND TO PEE 2.5 po


STP 3 is a flaccid and realistic penile prosthesis, designed for urinating while standing. Made from medical grade silicone and designed to be durable, this alternative is ideal for making everyday life easier for FTM, FTX/non-binary individuals and helps create natural relief in the underwear. Its tank and waterproof edges have been designed to prevent overflows. In addition, the adapted shape and realistic inclination make it comfortable to wear for everyday use.

Note that stand to pee type prostheses require training before mastering the technique as well as the correct inclination. We recommend that you practice in the shower first!

We suggest you wear a adapted harness available on this site or wearing a tight boxer to keep the prosthesis in place and provide you with optimal comfort.  This product can also be used with a medical adhesive.

Please note that slight variations may be present since each of our prostheses are handmade.

Please kindly consult the F.A.Q to know the information related to the maintenance of the prosthesis.

Rod length:  2.5 in / 6 cm

Circumference: 3.5 by / 9 cm

Characteristic: He does not circumcise

Weight: 115 g

*Our products are manufactured and shipped within 1-10 days*

*Sales are final, no exchanges, cancellations or refunds*

*Taxes and customs fees may apply for international shipments*


Innovative products adapted to meet the needs of trans people and other genders.


We are a small company that makes each prosthesis by hand.


Our products are designed with the highest quality of certified silicone.

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United States United States

Couldn’t be happier!!

I bought this as my first STP and packer and am really happy with it! I am still working on my technique for the STP function but am feeling more confident each day. I am a smaller guy at 5’3” / 120lbs and think that it’s a perfect fit for packing.

Canada Canada

Plutôt bien

La grosseur est interessante et la "dureté " du silicone. Le seul problème est au niveau du trou a l'urètre qui est gros, donc le jet va un peu dans tout les sens, moins evident pour viser versus une autre marque de STP. Fait quand meme le travail.

United States United States

first ever stp purchase

day 1 review i was so worried i was gonna wee all over myself trying it out. i didn't! i was bold and didn't even try it in the shower, first time in the bowl! i ordered it with the "coconuts pouch", but i won't be using that. i tried it on and it just makes a huge bulge. so instead i used a home-made type packer jock strap i've been using to hold a regular packer. the STP is very lightweight, realistic, squishy, and comfy. it packs discreetly, which is perfect for me bc i don't like an obvious bulge. i'm a small gui, so the size is proportionate to my body imo. my only feedback on day 1 is that the hole at the end of the shaft has a minor design flaw (it's got a lip at the tip that causes the flow to go wonky), so the wee stream is difficult to control. but i'm confident i'll figure out the best technique soon enough. overall, excited about this and happy with my purchase of the STP!

Alex SVG verified by SHOP
Canada Canada

I like the size of the STP3 because it’s realistic and not massive/bulky like most stp’s out there. I would compare this to the EZP by Transthetics. The silicone is still as hard as all the Banana Prosthetics “soft” packers (so like a very dense stress ball). But due to it having a funnel for the stp function it actually is squishy enough for it to not feel like hard silicone. If anyone from Banana Prosthetics is reading this, I’d recommend to make the actual cup part of the funnel just a bit stiffer and the shaft and balls a bit softer. The funnel at the back likes to collapse and that’s how the accents happen. I’d rather have that collapsable kind of silicone in the shaft so it isn’t as pointy in underwear tbh. I still think this product deserves 5 stars though, as I’m used to packing very soft, it’s just an adjustment for me to have a harder feeling packer while it’s also somehow still flimsy in the back.