No boob!

FTM/FTX Transgender Tape (4" Wide)

  • FTM/FTX Transgender Tape (4" Wide)

No boob!

FTM/FTX Transgender Tape (4" Wide)


Also available in 3 sizes, 4 shades.

Small: (2 inches) 5cm x 5m
Medium (3 inches) 7.5cm x 5m
Large (4 inches) 10cm x 5m

-Strong adhesion
-Stretch up to 180%
-Similar to human skin
-sweat resistant
-Removes painlessly

Ribbon 95% cotton, 5% spandex Glue: acrylic

Warning: (Remember to cover nipples) Do not apply to sensitive skin. Please start testing on a small area of ​​skin and stop using the product if irritation or redness occurs.

(Product imported by Banana prosthetics)

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