Melon Squeeze

Black original chest binder short

  • Banana Prosthetics Melon Squeeze Chest Binder

Melon Squeeze

Black original chest binder short


Our high quality and affordable binders give the appearance of a flat chest when worn. The back is stretchy while the front is lined with a non-stretch panel to flatten your chest while allowing great mobility for your arms and upper back.

Designed with reinforced seams for added durability and a soft textile, you'll feel both confident and comfortable.

Our binders are handmade in Quebec.

Textile composition: 80% nylon +20% Spandex / internal lining 80% cotton + 20% polyester.

Care Instruction: HAND WASH and AIR DRY.

Wearing a binder carries health risks. It is your responsibility to follow the recommendations.

  • It is important that your binder matches your size. Wearing a binder that is too small is dangerous. If you experience discomfort, pain or difficulty breathing, please listen to your body and remove the binder immediately.
  • When wearing your binder, it is important never to combine elastic bandages or any other type of compression tape. Do not wear more than one binder at a time.
  • Never sleep with a binder on, your body needs a break from the compression. Limit wearing a binder to less than 8 hours a day.
  • Do not wear your binder to exercise without being fully aware of the risks. If you play sports, be sure to wear a binder one size larger than you normally wear. Do not attempt to put on your binder when it is wet.


Chest size: wrap the tape measure snugly around your chest.

For your safety, do not deliberately go down a size, it will create discomfort for your everyday outfit.


Innovative products adapted to meet the needs of trans people and other genders.


We are a small company that makes each prosthesis by hand.


Our products are designed with the highest quality of certified silicone.