So there you have it, the package is in your hands, and you can barely resist shredding the wrapping with your teeth (it's not very sanitary anyway!) After some thought (and possibly some testosterone), you've finally purchased a stroker suitable for trans people assigned female at birth. And off you go!... but how does it work?

What is a stroker?

It's a soft, elastic silicone masturbator in the shape of a penis or non-phallic penis. The center of the prosthesis is hollow, with an opening at the base and reliefs on the inner walls inside. Length and aesthetics may vary from one stroker to another, but most are used in the same way, thanks to two magical concepts: suction and friction!

It's important to note that a minimum amount of genital growth is required to make full use of a stroker. After some time undergoing hormone therapy with testosterone, the tissues of what used to be the clitoris grow in length and/or expansion to form what looks like a mini penis. The appellation is very personal to each person: dicklit, peen, dick, growth, etc. I personally use "peen" and that's the term I'll use in my explanations. This genital growth is full of very sensitive nerves that can be very pleasurable and lead to orgasm when stimulated, and that's where the stroker comes in!

How does it work?

The concept is simple: you insert the peen inside the stroker and, with the movement and suction, you give yourself pleasurable sensations! In reality, it can be a little more complex than that, but you're in luck! This text will explain the best tricks for having the best time! You'll need water-based lubricant to avoid discomfort (it's very important not to use silicone-based lubricant, as the prosthesis itself is made of silicone. There would be a chemical reaction that would damage your precious stroker), an environment conducive to time for yourself and your stroker.

Using your finger, spread a light layer of water-based lubricant at the entrance and inside the prosthesis. Then stretch the edges of the stroker slightly (without unrolling it) to bring the tip of your peen to the base, so that the prosthesis can surround your growth. You're now inside! Congratulations! The sensation of entering with your own peen can bring a lot of gender euphoria and brand-new sensations; you can take your time to live the moment. When you're ready, squeeze the tip of the stroker to release the air and create a suction effect that will pull you further inside.

Once the prosthesis is securely in place, it's time to experiment! As each body is different, it is stimulated in its own way. Some people prefer friction, moving back and forth slowly or quickly. Others will press the tip of the prosthesis at a certain rate for a sucking sensation. You can try it lying down, standing up, kneeling down, in the shower, in the bath, alone or with a partner, in a duo with other stimulations, etc. The techniques are diverse and almost infinite for doing yourself good, both physically and psychologically, by reducing gender dysphoria. It's up to you to explore, and perhaps a certain stroker will work better for you than another. You can see Banana’s selection, here.

And, of course, there's safety!

Since there's a suction effect, a stroker isn't meant to be worn on the body for hours on end. The color of the peen should never turn purple or blue, as this would indicate a lack of oxygen in the tissues. In the long term, you could create irreversible damage to blood vessels, nerves, and flesh. A lack of lubricant with lots of friction could end up with a blister (water blister) on the peen or abrasions. Using a stroker should never be painful. If the experience starts to become uncomfortable, stop your session for the moment and let your peen rest. With proper application, a stroker is not harmful to the body and ends up being a very pleasant experience.

That's it! You now know how to handle your stroker! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the company, which will direct you to the right resources. On that note, I'll let you have your fun! Don't forget to clean your prosthesis with a toy cleaner or mild soap after each use!

To choose your peen, it’s here.

Text by @trans_big_brother 
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