Why do people pack?

Life is full of mystery. Does Bigfoot exist? What's the secret of Caramilk? Where do all lost socks go after passing in the dryer? Today, we're going to tackle one of today's important enigmas: what's the point of a packer?

Let's start with the definition of the thing: packer is the act of placing something in your underwear that creates a bump in your crotch the way a cis man's penis would. Most of the time, people who pack are those who weren't born with a penis, and most of the time they're transmasculine or non-binary individuals living with gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a feeling of distress or profound discomfort between one's sex at birth and one's gender identity.

For example, a person who perceives himself on the male spectrum may feel distress that his genitals are not as he feels they should be. To help dispel the feeling of distress companies like Banana Prosthetics have created flaccid penis prostheses that you wear directly under your clothes! Penile prosthetics then allow us to see a relaxing penis in our own pants, as if by magic! Unlike cis guys, trans people get to choose the look of their own dick! Shorter and circumcised? That's it! Veiny with a natural foreskin? Here you go! Realistic, but turquoise in color? Two clicks and you've got it! There's something for everyone!

Once your penis has arrived at home, it's time to try it out - after you've cleaned it thoroughly, of course. For many people, seeing their own reflection with a bump in the crotch brings a wave of well-being, as the image corresponds to the perception they have of their body. Running one's fingers over the area, feeling the curves and soft texture, fills one with a kind of euphoria, because “it's all there”. But where do all these positive emotions linked to one's reflection with a simple bulge in the pants come from? That's for science to answer! Let me put on my lab coat and glasses, and let's get started!

Research has been carried out over time and the results are astonishing. Let's start by discussing Phantom Limb Syndrome (don't worry, there's a link to packers to come). When a person loses a limb such as a leg, arm, hand or whatever, the brain can fail to understand that the amputated part is no longer there and create sensations that run through it (example: pain, tingling, tickling) as if the limb were still attached to the body. The mental map cannot conceive of the absence of a body part and create its existence, hence the term “ghost”.

With this phenomenon in mind, researchers have been investigating what they call phantom penises, or phantom penises, in transmasculine individuals. In this way, individuals born without a penis and living with the gender dysphoria associated with this absence experience sensations as if they did indeed have a penis. They may feel erections, tingling, pain, erogenous impressions and more! The brain would have developed the presence of a penis in its mental map of the body according to the physical perception of its gender. It's not yet clear what percentage of people with genital dysphoria would have a “phantom penis”, but it would explain the intense psychological pain of many people (you're not alone if you experience this). Here's an interesting scientific article on the subject.

In such cases, using a packer can improve the lives of these individuals for the better! Seeing a realistic prosthesis between your legs and being able to touch your penis go a long way to alleviating the distress of not having a phallus and gender dysphoria. It also increases self-confidence and comfort when wearing certain clothes. For others, being perceived as the proud owner of a penis makes them feel more secure in their daily lives, which in turn makes for better male passing. For my part, I use the Soft Packer SP 8, to view the product, click here.

 In short, packers are important for many reasons: aesthetics, a sense of security, reduced body distress and gender dysphoria, the freedom to wear the clothes you want without discomfort and much more! The importance of penile prostheses is greatly underestimated, even though they make a huge difference to everyday life! And there's so much to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding the prosthesis that suits you in terms of look, size, texture and color! Happy searching!

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Text written by @trans_big_brother 
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