Soft packer and Hard Packer: completely distinct species

Take a seat, take a seat! Let's begin our study of two fascinating penile prostheses: the docile soft packer and the feisty hard packer (pack and play). Often, people tend to have unrealistic expectations of how the latter will behave in the wild, and sometimes mix up the character of one and the other. Let's go for the very first parkerhology lesson in modern history.


Defining the packer

First of all, what is a packer, also known as a penile prosthetic? It's an item that you place in your underwear to create the sensation, as well as the aesthetics, of being the proud owner of a penis between your legs. Wearing such an item can reduce gender dysphoria, increase self-confidence, and bring a sense of euphoria. The penile prosthetic can take different shapes (realistic or original) and sizes (from small to I've got a tennis racket in my pants) and be made of various materials: silicone, cyberskin, fabric, foam, plastic and many others. It's up to every one of us. We'll be concentrating on the more realistic-looking silicone packers in this course, such as those available from Banana Prosthetics.


The soft packer

Right, now that we've established the basics, let's take a look at the two species we'll be comparing in this course. Let's start with the prosthetic most often seen in nature and urban environments: the soft packer. As its name suggests, this packer is softer to the touch, giving the impression of a flaccid (i.e. not erect) penis with soft testicles. Its aim is aesthetic: to form a natural bulge in underwear and pants to reduce genital dysphoria in everyday life! At first, the wearer of such equipment may often put his hand on his crotch and even give a little squeeze to experience a little moment of gender euphoria. Note that, although comforting, grabbing the synthetic family jewels in public is not recommended to avoid making others uncomfortable or receiving complaints! In private, enjoy the experience at its best and place your hand wherever you like. The soft packer remains calmly in the warmth and darkness of your underwear.

The Pack and Play/Hard Packer

So let's move on to the second, often less well understood species: the pack and play, also known as the “hard packer” at Banana Prosthetics. Let's take a closer look at these names. In both names, we can observe the terms “pack” and “packer” and as we saw earlier: packer is the action of placing a prosthetic in the underwear to imitate the presence of a penis. Easy to follow so far! Then come “play” and “hard”, for the simple reason that this prosthesis is much harder than its soft packer counterpart, because this time it imitates an erect penis. This feature enables the hard packer wearer to have penetrative sex with a partner! Penetration can be either vaginal or anal, and in all cases, wearing a condom is strongly recommended, which is changed as soon as you move from the anus to the vagina, and when you change receptive person. Some of these prosthetics also feature a pleasure device so that the wearer can also experience pleasurable sensations through friction or penetration, as is the case with the hard packer from Banana Prosthetics (buy here). In short, the pack and play or hard packer is a prosthetic that can be placed in the pants and used for penetrative sex.  Personally, I like to use the Hard Packer HP5 (7 in), click here to view the product.


The real truth
We now know the structure of these two prosthetics. However, many people have unrealistic expectations of one or the other and find themselves disappointed by their acquisition. So let's set the record straight. Often, because the name indicates “pack” and “packer”, people expect the pack and play/Hard packer to fit easily into the pants, allowing them to pack naturally, as with a soft packer. Remember that the pack and play/Hard packer is erect and needs a certain rigidity to penetrate. So, you need to know how to pack solidly and bear in mind that you can look like you are walking around with an erection!


First of all, flexibility is very important if you want to pack with a pack and play/Hard packer prosthetic. If the rigidity is that of a baseball bat, the chances of being comfortable and looking natural are slimmer than tissue paper. On the other hand, if you can move and bend the prosthetic rod a little without much effort, you can get somewhere with the right techniques!


Ready to try your hand at packing with your wild hard packer? First of all, you'll need a snug-fitting underwear to contain that stallion against you and avoid the “here's my camping tent” look. Personally, I use two pairs of underwear on this type of mission with my Banana Prosthetics Hard Packer: a jockstrap covered by boxer shorts to keep everything in place! Thinking of suddenly freeing your prosthetic for fleshly use? Traditional boxer shorts can also be replaced by a boxer-harness like Banana's Coconuts! In two seconds: “Gogo-Gadget Hard packer” and you're ready for action!

Finally, test the angles to see which way your prosthesis feels most comfortable against you, and avoid skinny jeans and leggings! These pants will only show off your “erection” for miles around, and that could lead to embarrassing situations.


Last but not least
Here's THE one, and I mean THE one, thing to remember: soft  packer and hard packer are two very different products, each fulfilling its own specific purpose. The strength of the hard packer/pack and play is not to pack comfortably and subtly on a daily basis, as many expect, but to enable penetration. Many people say they're disappointed they can't pack after getting a hard prosthesis, but that would be like adopting a dog and expecting it to purr! Make a list of your main needs when the time comes to acquire one of our two species to find out which one meets your criteria.

May this study be both useful and exciting! This concludes our parkerhology course on modern history. You'll now be able to recognize these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat!

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Text written by @trans_big_brother 
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