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Produit: SP8
Taille de packing: 
Longueur de la verge: 
10 cm / 4 pouces
10 cm / 4 pouces
251 grammes

Fabriqué et expédié en moins de 10 jours.

Cette prothèse est fabriquée à la main avec l’objectif de t’aider à te sentir mieux dans ta peau. Il s’agit d’une alternative qui te permettra, espérons-le à te sentir plus en confiance.

Cette prothèse offre une solution durable de qualité pour les personnes transgenres FTM, FTX et non-binaire.

L’effet naturel de ces détails ainsi que sa texture douce et non collante sauront te satisfaire. Tous nos softs packers sont souples et réaliste, fabriquées à partir de silicone de qualité supérieure ils sont conçus pour être durable, flexible et confortable.

Important. Nous te recommandons le port d’un boxer/harnais CocoNuts disponibles ICI C’est l’idéal pour maintenir la prothèse en place et te procurer un confort optimal. Nos softs packers peuvent aussi être collés avec un adhésif médical pour prothèse. La flap/Tab peut aussi être coupée si nécessaire.

N’oublie pas que des variations légères peuvent être présentes puisque chacune de nos prothèses est faites à la main. S.V.P consulter la F.A.Q pour connaitre les informations reliées à l’entretien et à l’utilisation.

Est-ce que cette prothèse est la bonne pour moi? Toi seul connaît la réponse car le choix d’une prothèse est très personnel, tout dépend de tes préférences mais voici quelques informations qui pourront t’aider à faire le bon choix.

SP8: ce soft packer non circoncit est tout simplement génial, les moindres détails y sont. Il s’agit d’une réplique phallique d’un homme cis. Ce soft packer de taille moyenne est léger et confortable, sa particularité est son bout de peau qui recouvre la couronne du gland, celui-ci est mobile. De plus, sa courbe permet un relief ultra-naturel dans les sous-vêtements.


Produits innovants et adaptés pour combler les besoins des personnes trans et autres genres.


Nous sommes une petite entreprise qui fabrique chaque prothèse à la main.


Nos produits sont conçues avec la plus grande qualité de silicone certifié.

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United States United States

Nice look and feel but won't stick

The look and feel of this product is amazing! Unfortunately I have tried 2 different medical adhesives and it won't stick. Without sticking you really need good underwear or the flap will fall over and noticeable in pants.

Canada Canada

Beautiful! Looks extremly real. I sent a pic to someone and they thought it was real.

Canada Canada

Good model but not that soft

I bought the SP 8 Soft Packer to use as a backup packer to use while exercising and traveling. I do like how the packer looks when I’m packing with it and it looks natural but it’s not as soft as I would’ve liked. I don’t think it would pass the grab test as it’s about the same hardness as a semi hard pack and play throughout. Other than that it’s an alright packer.

Logan M.
United States United States

Best so far

So far this has been the best packer I’ve had. The only thing that I’m not 100% crazy about is the thickness of the top portion and the tab. Other than that, I couldn’t be happier with a packer.

Damian K.
United States United States

One of the best realistic packers I’ve purchased

This packer isn’t too big or small and creates a nice bulge both in underwear and under pants/shorts/etc. And if you have paxsies packing underwear the packer fits in their pouches very nicely. I would definitely recommend wearing boxer briefs with this packer because I don’t think it would be a nice feeling for it to be flying around in your pants. But other than that this is a very solid packer. It’s one of the packers I wear the most.

United States United States

Packer Review

Overall, great packer. I like the durability and realism. Only thing that bothered me was the balls. The depth of them were a bit much for my personal preference, but I took a knife and trimmed them down on the back side to fit my needs. Also, I don't care for the asymmetrical balls. Thought I'd give it a try, but it just took a while to get used to the longer side rubbing against my thigh.

United States United States

Everything I expected, and then some

I’m so picky with packers and have been eyeing this one for awhile. The shape and ‘hang’ of this packer feels so nice in pants. The silicone quality is phenomenal. It feels so lifelike. No smell to it and no cornstarch is necessary. It’s firm but provides a perfect natural contour that feels apart of you. It’s amazing to look at, every single detail is executed so precisely and perfectly down to the every skin pore, wrinkle, and vein. My favorite packer by far. I’m excited for this company.

tate f.
United States United States

AMAZING!!!! absolutely in love .

okay hi my names tate. so i’ve had a lot of prosthetics and all of them always felt uncomfy in my pants too me. then i bought this and OH MY GOD. Not only is it such high quality it’s also so comfortable that i forget it’s not my actual anatomy. It’s so realistic looking. even the tab has skin like details and textures that just make it so much more dysphoria relieving. i got color A and i was nervous before i really like a red tip but bro it’s so gorgeous and realistic that you don’t even need that. It is a harder material it’s not gonna be stretchable and squeezable like the Mr.limpy BUT the material also isn’t so hard that it feels like a rock up against ur anatomy. Personally i think it passes the grab test very well and the buldge from it is the perfect size. ( i’m 5’6) The attention too detail in this prosthetic is what really made it amazing. reaching down into my underwear and being able too feel the extra for skin around the tip makes it feel so much more real. It also shipped relatively fast considering i’m in the US. it took maybe 1-2 weeks. honestly this product comfortably and realism wise is better then my gender cat. If i had more money i would so buy many other products from this company because i’m so in love with this one.