Banana Prosthetics

(SP 1) PACKER 4 po / 10 cm

  • Soft Packer 1, choice of color

Banana Prosthetics

(SP 1) PACKER 4 po / 10 cm


SP 1 est une prothèse pénienne flasque, souple et réaliste, fabriquée à partir de silicone de qualité supérieure et conçue pour être durable, flexible et confortable. Cette alternative de qualité est idéale pour créer un relief naturel dans le sous vêtement. Les détails et la texture douce de cette prothèse sauront vous satisfaire et vous permettre de vous sentir plus en confiance.

Nous vous recommandons le port d’un harnais adapté disponible sur ce site, ou le port d’un boxer serré pour maintenir la prothèse en place et vous procurer un confort optimal.

Veuillez noter que des variations légères peuvent être présentes puisque chacune de nos prothèses est faites à la main.

Merci de bien vouloir consulter la F.A.Q pour connaitre les informations reliées à l’entretien de la prothèse.

Longueur de la verge: 4.3" / 10cm

Circonférence: 3.5" / 8.5cm

Caractéristique: Non circoncis

Poids: 140g


Produits innovants et adaptés pour combler les besoins des personnes trans et autres genres.


Nous sommes une petite entreprise qui fabrique chaque prothèse à la main.


Nos produits sont conçues avec la plus grande qualité de silicone certifié.

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United States United States
Love it!!(Would purchase in another color tho)

I really really love the feel of this packer man. It's just COMFORTABLE. And feels really natural to me, in terms of wear and shape and fit. The detail is great and size just works really well. I have maybe two other packers and this one doesn't feel as dildo-y tbh. You kno that lowkey hard rubber feel? The material is soft and I'd say fleshy in a way I really appreciate. I 100% recommend. I would say though as a brown skin Black person, I'd most likely buy E if I have the opportunity to buy another. I bought this and the STP in D because it looked like my skin tone online but still comes out pale next to my skin in person. It's not as deep as my natural hue which tracks bc it definitely is called "light brown" lol. If you're medium brown, I'd say go for E, which is what I'll do when I can purchase again. It's really the only missing part of feeling connected to the packer but since that was on me for choosing the wrong color, I can't fault the product. Everything else was great

Canada Canada
The best packer I've owned!

This packer is the best one I have ever owned. I'm not sure how it compares to high-end packers (the $250+ range), but other packers in its price range don't compare. The detailing is very good, and the shaping of it means it stays in place with a packing pouch and the right underwear very well, including during physical activity, ranging from sprinting to riding a horse. Usually after either of those activities I have to do frantic adjustments: lighter packers often flip or twist in very unnatural ways, and heavier packers often end up falling down, or a little too obvious in the wrong ways. This packer does neither of these things. The material is very realistic feeling, along with the detailing, and it's comfortable enough for me to wear all day without issue. It's nice to have a detailed uncut packer: so many of the uncut versions are so unrealistic it doesn't help dysphoria. If you're like me and have to wear a packer all day, you can't go wrong. I wear this packer in very loose and very tight pants (riding breeches are both thin and VERY tight, even on men) and never had any problems with discomfort things others. Some people may take issue with the shaft being a little less positionable than most packers, as it's connected more strongly to the base of the packer than most, but I don't find this to be a detriment, and it helps it stay where I put it during activities. If you prefer to pack to the side or up, this may be an issue, however I imagine you could cut a little on the underside of the shaft to fix this if you were daring. My only complaint is that the balls are flat backed instead of 3D, but all the pros mean I have no regrets. I would definitely purchase a packer again from them.