Banana Prosthetics

Variety of HP4 Imperfect

  • Variety of HP4 Imperfect

Banana Prosthetics

Variety of HP4 Imperfect


See link below for product description:

* Reason for liquidation by product *

2078-Shade B Vulva (Air bubble)

1260-Shade A Vulva (Air bubble + too hard)

1029-Shade A Anus (Too hard)

1249- Shade A Vulva (Too hard)

147- Shade A + PAINT Anus (Too hard + Sensation not pierced)

2049- Shade A Anus (Too hard)

2077-Shade B + PAINT Relief (Too hard)

2074- Shade B + PAINT Vulva (Air bubble)



Innovative products adapted to meet the needs of trans people and other genders.


We are a small company that makes each prosthesis by hand.


Our products are designed with the highest quality of certified silicone.