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Variety of Imperfects (HP 4) HARD PLAY

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Variety of Imperfects (HP 4) HARD PLAY



HP 4 is a rigid and realistic penile prosthesis, made from premium silicone and is designed to be durable, flexible and comfortable. This quality alternative is ideal for natural and realistic intercourse. The details and soft texture of this prosthesis will satisfy you and make you feel more confident.

*This prosthesis curves naturally to the left*

If needed, use with WATER-BASED lubricant only.

Wearing a adapted harness or wearing a tight boxer to keep the prosthesis in place and provide you with optimal comfort is necessary. We suggest you check out our boxer/harness category to get one that fits your size.

Please note that slight variations may be present since each of our prostheses are handmade.

Please kindly consult the F.A.Q to know the information related to the maintenance of the prosthesis.

Rod length: 6 after / 14 cm

Circumference: 5.5 after / 15 cm

Weight: 0.96lbs / 438g

This extra option is offered to you in order to maximize the pleasure during your getaways under the duvet! A variety of 4 distinct formats are available to suit all tastes.

please take into consideration that this is an option mainly recommended for trans men on hormone therapy who have experienced growth in the genital area. However, even without growth, the friction effect of the sensation option will make you happy.


Innovative products adapted to meet the needs of trans people and other genders.


We are a small company that makes each prosthesis by hand.


Our products are designed with the highest quality of certified silicone.